What People Are Saying

I worked with Michael, Fimi and Seta on two yearbooks, and I cannot say enough great things about the positive and dynamic experience. The Yearbooks Inc. team was “hands-on” for the entire process. They patiently trained all of our staff on the newest software – PhotoShop and Quark – and visited our campus several times during the process to offer guidance and creative suggestions. As our deadlines were approaching they opened up their office to us, including at night and on weekends, so the staff members could finish up. Again, all three of the Yearbook Inc. reps were there to mentor each staff member through his or her tasks. Our end results were remarkable—and Yearbook Inc. is the only company I’d work with again.
— Garrett Clancy, Yearbook Adviser Yeshiva University of Los Angeles, Boys & Girls Schools
I’m so fortunate to have been able to work with the Yearbook Inc. team for two years. They empowered me as a first-time advisor by educating me in all aspects of yearbook publication and helped me establish an efficient workflow for my students. Additionally, they tailored their services according to our specific needs, without once compromising our creative potential. By the end of each publication, we felt like we came away with a product that was uniquely representative of our school. Thank you for such a memorable experience!
— Mrs. Shoushan Arabian, Yearbook Adviser, AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School
I worked with Yearbook Inc. on two yearbooks and both times it was a great experience. Not only do they have an incredible work ethic, everyone is ready to collaborate in a creative and fun atmosphere. They were very receptive and encouraging of all our ideas, and put great emphasis on making sure we took ownership of our books. They provided us with all the tools we needed and with their expertise and suggestions we were able to refine and enhance our ideas into two beautiful books that we were all proud of.
— Anaiis Avanesian, Yearbook Editor, AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School
It gives me great pleasure to say that Yearbook, Inc. has been an astonishing and brilliantly important element in my teaching experience. Fimi, Seta, and Michael have not only assisted my fledgling introduction into the process of yearbook production, but have shown themselves, on more than one occasion, to be reliable, lifesaving advisors, and good friends.

It is easy to say that work with people can be a positive and rewarding experience, but Yearbook Inc. has always exceeded that particular maxim and proven that there is such a thing as 500%. They have never turned down a request, urgent need, or assistance of any kind. Because they easily and clearly go beyond normal expectations, I proudly and honestly say that they are the best out there!
— James Poyner, Yearbook Advisor, LaSalle High School
Working with the team at Yearbook, Inc. was an incredible experience. Being on my high school’s yearbook staff, I never knew that I would have such a fun, hands-on experience with the production of the centurion. As the layout design editor, I was able to produce my own designs in Adobe Photoshop and send it to Yearbook, Inc. to apply to the yearbook template. I even got to go into their local office in Glendale in order to collaborate and tweak the layouts in person alongside them. Yearbook, Inc. allowed our yearbook staff to exceed our own expectations and produce such a memorable yearbook for my high school. Thank you!
— Rochelle Ko, Yearbook Photo Editor, La Salle High School
Working with Mike and Fimi at Yearbook Inc. for the past four years has been a blast! From the planning out of our yearbook’s themes, to changing last minute details, they have dedicatedly supported us the entire way. Not only did they help us as the yearbook progressed, but taught us important organization and design skills for the future. They guided us through every step of the yearbook process from designing layouts, to editing photos, and creating artistic elements. Oakwood’s yearbooks wouldn’t be nearly as amazing as they are without the help and guidance of our amazing publishers, Mike and Fimi. Thank you for four amazing years!
— Sophie and Tess Meyers, Yearbook Editors, Oakwood School
I cannot describe how much of an impact my life has had through being a yearbook Editor-in-Chief for St. Lucy’s Priory High School. I truly found belonging on the yearbook team where I learned how determinism and dedication could pay off and create something that I can be immensely proud of. I am always searching for that same atmosphere because I know that it is truly what makes me happy.

The Yearbook, Inc. staff was always so friendly and saw me grow throughout my years on the yearbook team. They are so professional and have taught me what it is like to be in a business where a friendly environment can lead to success.

I am truly grateful for the experiences that I had through being an Editor-in-Chief. The skills that I learned in my three years on the yearbook team have translated into my everyday life and have really helped me thrive in my further education and my personal and professional.
— Marissa Maynor, Yearbook Editor, St. Lucy's Priory High School
I remember my staff coming to Yearbook, Inc. with a grand vision of our 2012 yearbook. We not only wanted to create a great yearbook, but raise the standard for future staffs. Our partnership with Yearbook, Inc. accomplished these goals and more. The staff were so gracious in helping solve our technical and logistical issues as well as teaching us valuable lessons in time management, goal setting, and professionalism. These were great takeaways that I have been able to apply ever since.
— Manuel Martin Soriano, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, La Salle High School
During the time I have had the privilege to work with Yearbook, Inc. I have been able to grow tremendously, not only in my knowledge of the yearbook industry but also as a person and a leader. They have given me countless opportunities to be a leader and improve my skills to be an effective leader. As an editor of the yearbook staff at St. Lucy’s Priory High School, Yearbook, Inc. taught me to be a leader among my peers but they also introduced me to what working in a professional environment outside of the classroom would look like and how I should conduct myself properly. They have taught me how to work efficiently with others and how to stay organized and professional. I would not have the professional people skills as well as a lot of my leadership skills without the help and the experiences Yearbook, Inc. has given me. Now, working for Yearbook, Inc. as a Yearbook Consultant, they have given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with high schoolers as well as continue to improve my professional and leadership skills in a creative and supportive environment.
— Heather Seman, Yearbook Editor, St. Lucy's Priory High School
As an editor of the yearbook at St. Lucy’s Priory High School for two years, I got the amazing opportunity to work side by side with the staff of Yearbook, Inc. Michael, Fimi, Seta, and Nora were always there to help our staff through the obstacles that producing a yearbook could have. They were not only there for us as producers of our yearbook, but they also were teachers throughout the process. Yearbook, Inc. taught us unique ways to design layouts and fueled our creative minds to strive. Whenever something went either slightly or extremely wrong, the staff was always just a phone call away to help. Not only did I develop a strong business relationship with Yearbook, Inc., I developed a friendship and an unbreakable bond. The staff at Yearbook, Inc. is outstanding and I could not imagine using another company to create a project. They are extremely helpful and without them, St. Lucy’s would not have created so many award-winning yearbooks. I continue to thank the staff at Yearbook, Inc and am saddened to know that because I am graduating, my yearbook experience with them is coming to an end.
— Nicole Heinrich, Yearbook Editor, St. Lucy's Priory High School
Coming onto the yearbook staff my sophomore year of high school, I had little to no knowledge of the aesthetics of design, the ins and outs of Photoshop, or many elements of yearbook production. One could say I was ignorant of the process, but now after working with Yearbook Inc. I can confidently declare that in previous areas where I had no expertise, I have been given a wealth of knowledge. With a staff of willing, encouraging people, Yearbook Inc. has never ceased to go above and beyond my wildest expectations. When a new idea that may have been seemingly far fetched arose, the response was never, “We can’t do that.” It was always, “How do we make that idea come to life?” Yearbook Inc. is there every step of the way in the creation of a publication. If there was a question to be had, it would be answered in less than 24 hours. If there was an error, a member of the team would be there to aid in the picking up of the pieces. The amiable nature of the team makes the professional setting a joy to work in. I have been inspired by their kind words of praise and respectful reminders to keep our eyes on a goal. Above all in my last three years of collaboration with Yearbook Inc. and last two as an editor-in-chief, I have been taught to dream big and remain motivated to excel. These are lessons that have been instilled within me by their wonderful passion for their work and will not soon leave me.
— Alina Mota, Yearbook Editor, St. Lucy's Priory High School