Our Story

Yearbook Inc. was founded in 1992, when Michael Nahabet's publishing organization produced one of the first ever fully digital yearbooks. Using a combination of desktop scanners, Pagemaker software, and direct digital negatives, the team accomplished a major feat for the times. 

"Yearbook advisors we met were constantly complaining of the lack of choice and flexibility, along with the terrible service provided by the traditional publishing companies," says Michael. "We wanted to build a service-oriented enterprise where our activities were highly integrated with those of the yearbook advisor and the students, and make the geographical vicinity of the school to our centrally located Glendale offices a prerequisite."

Yearbook Inc.'s success is due to our profound commitment to providing genuine, joyful and effective service.

It gives me great pleasure to say that Yearbook, Inc. has been an astonishing and brilliantly important element in my teaching experience. Fimi, Seta, and Michael have not only assisted my fledgling introduction into the process of yearbook production, but have shown themselves, on more than one occasion, to be reliable, lifesaving advisors, and good friends...

Our Team

Michael Nahabet

Michael is the founder of Yearbook Inc. and oversees the production of each yearbook from beginning to end.  Michael provides project management, graphic design, and tech support for the team at Yearbook Inc. Michael's personal mission is to empower students and to widen their horizons through the yearbook publishing experience. He helps students to ignite their creativity and to think outside the box. 

When he's not busy publishing yearbooks, you can find Michael spending time with his lovely wife and family, on his bicycle, enjoying Greek music, or reading The Economist.

Seta Khodanian

With 20 years of experience in the publishing business, Seta wears many hats at Yearbook Inc.—from administration to training students and advisors to production and design.  She is known for her meticulous approach to detail in every yearbook project. Most of all, Seta enjoys helping  students communicate their vision artistically.

Outside of Yearbook Inc., you can find  Seta volunteering as an organizer for annual festivities at Nor Serount Cultural Association, traveling in Europe, or listening to latin music.


Fimi Mekhitarian

Fimi is one of the most loved and admired representatives of Yearbook Inc. She loves working with students to develop their creative ideas and passes on her professional skill set to fledgling editors. Her enthusiasm and energy is highly contagious. Fimi is deeply committed to the success and timeliness of every yearbook—as shown every time she chases a FedEx or UPS truck down in high heels!

When she's not at work, Fimi enjoys volunteering at the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and, since she also grew up playing violin in her native Bulgaria, adores listening to her favorite classical pieces.

It is easy to say that work with people can be a positive and rewarding experience, but Yearbook Inc. has always exceeded that particular maxim and proven that there is such a thing as 500%. They have never turned down a request, urgent need, or assistance of any kind. Because they easily and clearly go beyond normal expectations, I proudly and honestly say that they are the best out there!
— James Poyner, Yearbook Advisor, LaSalle High School
Working with Mike and Fimi at Yearbook Inc. for the past four years has been a blast!
— Sophie and Tess Meyers, Oakwood School, North Hollywood